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Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, Bolangir (SMPU-B)

(An united effort of Civil Societies, community Based Organisations and Peoples' Organisations in Bolangir for sustainable solution to poverty)  

Collective Action for Drought Mitigation in Bolangir popularly known as Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, Bolangir or in short SMPU-B is a network of seventeen Civil Society Organisations, Community Based organizations and Peoplesí Organisations (Lok sangathans) workingin Bolangir district. The network emerged in 1996 as a local response to acute drought and vulnerability of people in Bolangir. Six partner NGOs began to work with support from Action Aid Indiain 56 villages The initiative now spread across 516 villages around 75 Gram panchayats of 13 Blocks of the district. The initiative covers a total of 28% villages of the district and 21% of the districts total population with 66.187 households. Out of the total families being covered, 13% of them belong to poorest of the poor group. Out of them 27% are landless and 42% are daily wage workers. Out of the poorest of the poor families 18% constitute migrant population. This is the largest network in the district having maximum coverage and accessibility to the largest population of the district.

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